The Boutique Office, Amsterdam


The Boutique Office
An office that’s more than just a workplace. World’s first zero-friction office environment.

The Boutique Office provides a range of high-tech services that makes your day a little easier:
We provide the services, so you can focus on your business.

The buildings’ smart technologies create an amazing user experience by taking away the frictions that employees, clients and visitors experience when using traditional office space. Accessing the parking garage, entering the lobby area or booking meeting rooms become seamless activities, all by the use of a smartphone.

We incorporate all of OVG’s experience of building the worlds most sustainable and intelligent office building (The Edge) into The Boutique Office. OVG will realize a technology enabled energy neutral office building. This includes the following highlights:

• Energy neutral office building;
• Cradle to cradle certified materials (material passport);
• Solar panels;
• Energy saving water supply;
• Urban farming roof garden;
• Well certification prepared, ensuring a healthy working environment.

Once The Boutique Office is realized, OVG will remain involved as the operator. By operating the building, OVG take responsibility for providing the shared services, hospitality, facility management and maintenance.

The Boutique Office offers multiple shared facilities on the ground floor, such as meeting rooms and a co-working space (Club Boutique). Due to these shared facilities, a tenant will be able to reduce its own leased floor space by 2-5 sq m. LFA per workspace. The first floor contains flexible smaller office units that can be rented on a flexible basis in order to accommodate future growth. The bespoke combination of shared co-working, flexible and dedicated office space creates a blooming place where the employees will be proud and empowered.